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You are important to the children you care for. They spend many hours with you, and learn from you. Healthy U wants to support you in creating a healthy environment for the young children you care for.

The Snacktivity Box was created to provide caregivers with a simple way of creating healthy environments for the young children in their care. The Snacktivity Box was adapted from the Calgary Health Region resource and provided to 1800 daycares and dayhomes in Alberta. Calgary Health Region and the Alberta Cancer Board won a national and regional Speaking of Food and Healthy Living Award sponsored by the Dietitians of Canada and Kraft Canada for the development of their resource.

The Snacktivity Box provides fun and easy activities around physical activity and healthy eating for children aged 3 to 5. Hand washing information and songs are also included. All of the supplies you need for the activities are available for download on this site or are common items in your home or child care centre.

We encourage you to do a Snacktivity a day! Making physical activity and healthy eating part of every day for preschool children is a great way to get them forming healthy habits at a young age.

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Snacktivity Box Downloads

 Full Edition

 Physical Activity

 Healthy Eating

 Hand Washing

 Activity Cards – Parade Day

 Activity Cards – Charades

 Activity Cards – Four Food Groups

 Menu Card

If you are unable to download these files, please send us an email at health.u@gov.ab.ca.

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