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The Alberta Healthy School Community Wellness Fund, managed by the University of Alberta Centre for Health Promotion Studies is pleased to provide you with information about new grant funding opportunities for projects that support healthy school communities.

Interested applicants who meet the eligibility criteria are invited to submit proposals for consideration. The objective of the grant funding is to provide support to school communities to enhance the health and wellbeing of school-aged children and youth within Alberta school communities.

For ideas on developing a healthy school community, read Sharing the Success for Wellness Fund Projects!

For further information, including application forms and supporting documents, visit the Alberta Coalition for Healthy School Communities website at http://www.achsc.org/wellness_fund.htm.

For more information on the next grant funding opportunity, please contact Libby Coldbeck, Project Coordinator, at

Phone: 780-492-2537

Email: Elizabeth.Coldbeck@ualberta.ca


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